Border Reiver, Galashiels War Memorial

This is our Border Reiver, The Galashiels War Memorial statuette. Its a scale relica of the beautiful Thomas Clapperton sculpture in the Border town of Galashiels. The sculpture is made in the 8 inch scale which makes the overall height 14 inches. We include the wooden base and the engraved brass plate as standard.

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Light Border Cavalry from the era when the English/Scottish Borderlands were owned by numerous small families and stealing or 'reiving' from each other was a way of life.

This is an exact repica of the Galashiels War Memorial, sculpted by Thomas Clapperton in 1926 and has been voted as the finest World War 1 War Memorial in Great Britain.


Last night a wind from Lammermoor came roaring up the glen
With the tramp of trooping horses and the laugh of reckless men
And struck a mailed hand on the gate and cried in rebel glee:
"Come forth. Come forth, my Borderer, and ride the March with me!"

I said, "Oh! Wind of Lammermoor, the night's too dark to ride,
And all the men that fill the glen are ghosts of men that died!
The floods are down in Bowmont Burn, the moss is fetlock-deep;
Go back, wild Wind of Lammermoor, to Lauderdale and sleep!"

Out spoke the Wind of Lammermoor, "We know the road right well,
The road that runs by Kale and Jed across the Carter Fell.
There is no man of all the men in this grey troop of mine
But blind might ride the Borderside from Teviothead to Tyne!

The horses fretted on their bits and pawed the flints to fire,
The riders swung them to the South full-faced to their desire;
"Come said the Wind from Lammermoor," and spoke full scornfully,
"Have ye no pride to mount and ride your fathers' road with me?

A roan horse to the gate they led, foam-flecked and travelled far,
A snorting roan that tossed his head and flashed his forehead star;
Then came the sound of clashing steel and hoof-tramp up the glen.
And two by two we cantered through, a troop of ghostly men!

I know not if the farms we fired are burned to ashes yet!
I know not if the stirks grew tired before the stars were set!
I only know that late last night when Northern winds blew free,
A troop of men rode up the glen and brought a horse for me!

Will H Ogilvie

In an effort to be more sustainable we've had our outer packaging redesigned to be fully recyclable. Every statue comes in a simple elegant printed brown box with printed fabric tape.

Inside the box the statue will be protected with bubble wrap and special foam bags to minimise the chance of damage in transit. 

Recyclable cardboard packaging

All our statues include an optional engraved plate on the wooden base. On the bronze statues the plate is jewellers brass and the pewter/ silver statues have a nickel silver plate.

To add a plate to your statue please select the option above and enter your engraving details. Please note if the engraving is left blank no plate will be included. If you'd like a blank plate please write this in the engraving details.

Please DOUBLE CHECK the engraving as mistakes will require a new plate to be made.

On the engraving the text will be centred and the font sized to fit the plate.

More Information
Product CodeB308
Price CodeFL
Sculpting Scale8"
Base Material of the StatueCold Cast Resin
Height Including Presentation Base15" / 38cm
Width with Presentation Base8" / 20cm
Depth with Presentation Base6" / 15cm

Please be aware that these measurements are not exact and have been rounded for ease.
As every item is individually handmade the exact dimensions may vary slighty.