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A trusted family business since 1991

About Ballantynes of Walkerburn

James and Neil Ballantyne

After leaving the Parachute Regiment in 1990, Neil Ballantyne and his wife Michelle moved to the Scottish Borders and founded Ballantynes of Walkerburn with a simple-yet-powerful vision:

‘To capture the spirit of positive endeavour, believing that our work will uplift and brighten our customers’ lives.’

Joined by their son James, Ballantynes have become the UK’s premier figurine manufacturer. We are privileged to have our work presented to the elite military and service personnel around the world. We’ve expanded into new areas like crystal and glass engraving. We’ve taken advantage of evolving technologies and generate our own power by solar.

But while a lot has changed, the heart of our vision – and how we deliver on it – has remained the same.

A family business focused on quality

Ballantynes remains a family business committed to products that are good enough to commemorate a lifetime of service – cherished items, not disposable gifts.

When you choose Ballantynes, you get handmade, high quality works from a small, experienced team of craftspeople.

It’s a range that is second to none – and work that truly brightens rooms, occasions, and lives.

Our Team

Factory Valley View

When Henry Ballantyne founded the village of Walkerburn in the 19th Century, he did so partly to serve the needs of the workers in his tweed mill. Today, we reflect this long heritage of respect for the people that make our business possible.

The Ballantynes team is made up of around 15 people, including several that have worked with us for over 20 years. They bring their creativity, talent and diligence to every item that leaves our factory – and we believe their hard work shows in every detail.

You can trust us

We work with customers from around the world, including the British military and emergency services, global corporations, and private individuals. They choose us for quality that speaks for itself in every figurine, glass, or bottle that leaves our factory – but it doesn’t stop there.

Family-owned and entirely autonomous, we’re able to protect our values at every stage of production.

As a result, you can be sure you’re working with a manufacturer you can truly believe in.



Our close-knit team includes four senior craftsmen who have worked with us for more than two decades, giving us the wealth of experience it takes to create detailed and accurate sculptures and engravings.

People Centric

People Centric

Every decision we make is first driven by our duty to deliver the finest quality items to our customers. Then, we prioritise our team, paying above the living wage and providing secure employment.

100% In-House

100% In-House

We protect our reputation for incredible quality by keeping all our statue production in-house, all the time. When you buy from us, you can be confident your item has come directly from our factory on the banks of the River Tweed.

Made in the UK

Made in the UK

It’s not just our figurines. We source all of our bases, trays and packaging materials from UK-based suppliers, significantly reducing our carbon footprint and feeding back into our economy.



Beyond our ongoing reductions in waste materials, we refit our factory in 2015 to be more energy efficient. Our 30kW solar array provides more carbon free electricity than we use, protecting the serene environment around us without compromising on production.



Uniquely, our approach blends the traditional techniques and skills of craftspeople with modern technology including precision design using the latest CAD technology.

How We Make Our Statuettes

Bronze Statues