Commission A New Sculpture

Ballantynes of Walkerburn make some of the finest presentation sculptures available today. As well has producing our own in-house collections we also make customer specific commissions in cold cast bronze, silver and pewter. We offer you a very personal, quality promotional and motivational gift for a wide variety of important occasions including a gifts to your customers here, or abroad, or something unique for an important event.

Pricing and Initial Order

For us to produce a new sculpture it is a large investment in both time and money, so unfortunately we generally do not accept one off piece work.

We do not charge fees for the sculpting work itself, instead requiring an initial minimum order. The average for this is 50 statues although it can vary depending on whether it will be an ongoing piece and/or it is one we would like to add to our range.

We are always happy to discuss how we can help you or answer any questions you might have by phone or email.


The Sculpting Service

From our factory in the Scottish Borders we make our customers products from design and sculpting, through the manufacturing process to packing and in some cases drop shipping to your individual recipients worldwide.

We are well used to working with customers and can guide you through from concept, turning it into reality, before making up the ‘Master Sculpture’ for you to view, discuss and modify as the project goes along.

Reference Material and the Master Sculpture

The key to a great sculpture is good reference material and shown here is a commission for the Mountain Rescue which clearly highlights the design, sculpture and finished product.

The Photographs (Left) - Clear, in colour (if possible), from all angles highlighting all detail

The Master Sculpture (Right) detailed and ‘alive’, it can still be altered at this stage

Mountain Rescue Master Sculpture


As we make your order we control the production to ensure perfect quality, accuracy and timeliness. We can problem solve along way and are adept at the production of small production runs. There will be a commissioning cost (usually built into the first order), thereafter we can make up additional orders in any sized batches.

Taking the First Step

If you believe that your project will be of interest to us please get in touch by phone on 01896 870697, email or using the contact form below:

Commissioning Enquiry